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Chaitanya Kamisetty

wisestar_kamisettyChaitanya Kamisetty, a Computer Science Masters student, has won theGoogle 2007 Anita Borg Scholarship.She will receive a $10,000 scholarship for the 2007-2008 academic year and is invited to visit Google headquarters in Mountain View, California on March 29-31, 2007 for a networking retreat which will include workshops with a series of speakers, panelists, breakout sessions and social activities. Scholarships are awarded based on the strength of candidates’ academic background and demonstrated leadership. Congratulations! Press Release

Karen Moy

wisestar_moyKaren Moy:Recipient of the Graduate Women in Science Vessa Notchev Fellowship

I am working towards a Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences. I have a B.S. in Paleobiology from Bowling Green State University and an M.S. in Geology from Indiana University . I am interested in animal behavior and how it is recorded by the fossil record. Currently, I am focusing on the rapid, early increase in complexity and diversity seen in the trace fossil record during the Cambrian period. I believe this increase in diversity and complexity is a behavioral response to an increasingly heterogeneous environment. My hypothesis predicts that the behaviors that lead to complex trace fossils are phylogenetically primitive, and thus widespread throughout the animal kingdom. I am studying the foraging behavior of a diverse array of modern organisms, including the nematode C. elegans , mollusks and arthropods, to assess the similarity of the observed foraging behaviors within and between different groups, and those recorded by the trace fossil record. The Vessa Notchev Fellowship will fund my work with C. elegans , completely covering my lab and equipment expenses.

Lin Xiao

wisestar_xiaoCongratulations toComputer Science  PhD student Lin Xiao on the Best Paper Award in the New Investigator track at the Grace Hopper Conference for her paper Lin Xiao, Sudeepta Musti, Aris Ouksel, “A simulation system for ad hoc query-ready sensors” Lin’s award was announced at the conference banquet. The award comes with a $1000 prize.

A simulation system for ad hoc query-ready sensors

Lin Xiao (University of Illinois at Chicago), Sudeepta Musti (University of Illinois at Chicago), Aris Ouksel (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Sensor networks can be utilized in a wide spectrum of commercial, environmental, health care and military applications. This paper presents an integrated simulation platform we developed at the University of Illinois at Chicago to study and compare algorithm performances in the areas of localization, event handling, network topology control, routing, and query processing in various types of sensor networks. Our research strategy and results are also briefly outlined in this paper.


About the award:

New Investigator Technical Papers

The goal of these technical papers is to highlight the broad range of technical work by women who are “new investigators” in the computing field. Topics can be from any technical computing field. All papers will be reviewed for technical merit, and accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Although preferred, original research is not a requirement for a technical paper submission; for instance, thesis highlights, problem statements, and overviews of an author’s technical field are welcomed. GHC2007 will have an award for the best new investigator paper.

WISE Awarded Motorola Innovation Generation Grant

For Immediate Release

 UIC Women in Science and Engineering and Motorola
Champion the Innovation Generation

Creative Education Program to Inspire Chicago’s Scientists and Engineers of Tomorrow

Chicago – November 16, 2007 – The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Women in Science and Engineering program, an academic support program for women studying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, today announced it will receive a $50,000 Innovation Generation Grant from the Motorola Foundation. Through WISE WIN (Women in Nanotechnology), UIC WISE will create a moderated online mentoring network to connect K-12 girls with nanotechnology professionals around the country.

The Motorola Foundation’s Innovation Generation Grants fund education programs that spark a love science, technology, engineering and math in today’s youth. Recipients of Innovation Generation Grants will create programs to help kids discover that science, technology, engineering and math are challenging, interesting and fun, as well as fundamental skills for a bright future.

For full press release pdf please click here..

WISE Featured in the Chicago Sun-Times

Women in Science and Engineering’s mentoring intiatives and the Presidential Award of Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring is featured inan article in the March 5, 2011 edition of the Chicago Sun-Times. The print edition incorrectly listed women faculty in biological sciences at 65%. This is the actual population of undergraduate women in biological sciences. The actual population of women faculty in biological sciences is 22.1%. This is corrected in the online edition.

WISE Receives Presidential Award in Mentoring

Women in Science and Engineering’s Mentoring Initiatives has received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring.“The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring, awarded by the White House each year to individuals or organizations, recognize the crucial role that mentoring plays in the academic and personal development of students studying science or engineering—particularly those who belong to groups that are underrepresented in those fields. By offering their expertise and encouragement, mentors help prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers while ensuring that tomorrow’s innovators reflect the full diversity of the United States.” The WISE team visited Washington, DC to accept the award and the Director of the Center for Research on Women and Gender was shown (at 4:35) in West Wing Week.

WISE Knitworking

knitting01-smallKnit Working is a term for a group of (usually) women who get together to knit, sew, crochet…you get the idea…and talk about life, politics, etc. At the WISE Knitworking sessions, we can discuss anything including classes. This is just one way for WISE students to come together informally and just hang out. it comes from combining knitting with networking. And networking is essential to a successful career!

Please bring your own lunch and knitting supplies. Occasionally WISE will provide snacks.

Don’t know how to knit, but want to learn? Then come on by! Here’s what we suggest you bring with you:

* One pair of knitting needles (Size 7 and above is best for newbies)
* One skein of yarn (Get the cheap & boring stuff to start out with)

While supplies last, WISE does have needles & yarn available for free.

This event repeats every Wednesday at 12 pm in the WISE office (Room 205 D, SES).

Fall 2012 Building Research Connections 20th Anniversary Edition Newsletter is Available!

The new Building Research Connections (BRC) newsletter is now available. Read it here!

2014 Midwest Nursing Research Society’s (MNRS) Distinguished Researcher Award

Congratulations to Tonda Hughes for receiving the 2014 Midwest Nursing Research Society’s (MNRS) Distinguished Researcher Award.  The Midwest Nursing Research Society’s Distinguished Contribution Award is one of the highest honors bestowed and recognizes the contributions of a member who has conducted or promoted research which has enhanced the science and practice of nursing. The award will be presented on Saturday evening March 29th at the MNRS Business Meeting /Awards & Distinguished Researcher Presentation in St. Louis, Missouri.

Congratulations to Abstract and Poster Winners from Women’s Health Research Day!

Abstract Winners
Student:  Nanci Alanis, Department of Psychology and Honors College, for “How do different stressors relate to body mass index among U.S.-born and immigrant Latinas?”

Faculty:  Heather Sipsma, Assistant Professor of Women, Children and Family Health Science, College of Nursing, for “Mental health of young parents from pregnancy through 1 year postpartum”

Poster Winners
Undergraduate Student:  Beelet Dawood, Department of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, for “The association between vasomotor symptoms and sleep disturbance among menopausal women: a comparison of physiological and self-reported measures”

Graduate Student:  Hitisha Patel, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmocognosy, College of Pharmacy, for “Estrogen receptor partial agonists as therapeutics for tamoxifen resistant breast cancer”

Faculty/Fellow/Staff:  Susan Magasi, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy, College of Applied Health Sciences, for “Screen-ABLE: A mixed methods study examining disparities in breast and cervical cancer screening among women with disabilities in Illinois”