CoE Receives NIH BIRCWH Award

In September, the UIC Center of Excellence in Women’s Health received the Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health (BIRCWH) Award. This K12 grant from NIH provides funding for junior faculty to pursue research interests in women’s health. This award is highly competitive and the first K12 ever received by UIC.

The program is led by Dr. Stacie Geller, Principal Investigator, CRWG/CoE and College of Medicine; Dr. Sarah Kilpatrick, Program Director and Co-Investigator, College of Medicine; and Dr. Tonda Hughes, Co-Investigator, College of Nursing. This leadership team will oversee the program with the goal of attracting innovative women’s health scholars to UIC. The program plans to train eight junior faculty scholars over the five year grant period.

The main objectives of the BIRCWH program are to: (1) increase the number of investigators, particularly women and underrepresented minorities, in women’s health research at UIC; (2) increase the breadth of institutional support for interdisciplinary women’s health research and the resources available to scholars by building on existing strong institutional linkages with other research, training, and academic units on campus; (3) create a strong faculty mentoring and peer networking infrastructure, to enhance the success of junior scholars in developing women’s health research programs; and (4) prepare scholars through training and mentoring to successfully compete for research funding and to become national leaders in interdisciplinary women’s health research.

BIRCWH scholars are chosen from junior faculty at UIC who have shown a past track record of interest and excellence in women’s health research. For more information about the BIRCWH program, please contact Lynn Modla at or 312-413-7817, or visit theBIRCWH website.