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Khare, M.M. & Owens, L. (2006). Faculty Work Climate Survey, University of Illinois at Chicago.

In 2004, the campus conducted a study of the working environment for tenured and tenure-track faculty in the Colleges of Engineering and Liberal Arts and Sciences. The survey was designed to capture the perceptions of the faculty members regarding their workplace: what they like, what they dislike, what is important in their daily life, and what enhances or impedes productivity. The goal was to inform how to improve job satisfaction and faculty success at UIC. Faculty members in the two colleges responded with a resounding rate of 67%.

The results are presented in a report, available at:

Tools of the Trades

Zimmermann, K., Hurtig, J., & Small, E. Tools of the Trade: A CWIT Guide to Participatory Evaluation. Chicago: UIC Center for Research on Women and Gender.

Tools of the Trade: A CWIT Guide to Participatory Evaluation is the product of many years of collaboration between CRWG and Chicago Women in Trades (CWIT). While the examples in the guide focus on situations relating to CWIT programs and initiatives, the content of the guide is general enough to be of use to any program, organization or other group interested in participatory evaluation based in feminist principles. This guide is designed to be both a teaching manual for an organization’s first evaluation and a resource to return to for future evaluations. The guide takes the user through each step of the evaluation process. In order to support the capacity of women and gender-centered community groups and organizations to document, analyze, and evaluate their own programs and policies, CWIT and CRWG decided to make the guide available on-line at

Beyond Parity

Hoersch, M. & Morrissey, C. (2004). Beyond Parity Workbook for Action: Transforming Academic Medicine Through Women’s Leadership.Chicago: US Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women’s Health, Region V.

The CoE has continued the efforts started by the conference, “Beyond Parity: Transforming Academic Medicine through Women’s Leadership” by producing and disseminating the Beyond Parity Workbook for Action. The workbook was created to help academic medical centers identify barriers to women’s advancement and begin the process of equity transformation. Successful efforts to increase the promotion, recruitment, and retention of women academics at medical institutions across the US are highlighted.

The Beyond Parity Workbook for Action is available online at:
Beyond Parity Workbook for Action (PDF format)
Beyond Parity Workbook Cover (PDF format)

Mapping a Path

Wenzel, S.A. & Brill E. (1998). Mapping a Path for Evaluation: A Planning Guide, Second Edition. Chicago: Girl’s Best Friend Foundation.

Stacy A. Wenzel and Elizabeth Brill, in collaboration with Alice Dan, Cheryl Graves, Cynthia McLachlan, Margaret Strobel, and Luule Vess, have written this use-friendly guide with the goal of helping organizations conduct project evaluations. The result of a collaboration between CRWG and Girl’s Best Friend Foundation, this straight forward guide takes the mystery out of research evaluation by remaining sensitive to the complexity of the evaluation process.

To receive a copy of Mapping a Path for Evaluation, please call 312-413-1924.

Affiliated Publications

Women Building Chicago

Women Bulding Chicago 1790-1990: A Biographical Dictionary, (2001) edited by Rima Lunin Schultz and Adele Hast.This book is the first scholarly and comprehensive reference work on American urban women. It contains biographical sketches of about 400 women who lived and worked in the Chicago area between 1790 and 1990. To order your copy contact Indiana University Press, 601 N. Morton St., Bloomington, IN 47404, (812) 855-8817 or 1-800-842-6796.