Interdepartmental Graduate Women’s Health Concentration Now Available!

In January 2006, the University of Illinois’ Board of Trustees approved the new Interdepartmental Graduate Concentration in Women’s Health. This new concentration was developed to address the need for researchers, administrators, educators, and practitioners across disciplines to obtain the skills and knowledge necessary for professional work within the field of Women’s Health.

The Concentration was established to reflect the multidisciplinarity of the field of Women’s Health, with the participation of UIC CoE staff and faculty from the College of Nursing, School of Public Health, and the Gender and Women’s Studies Program – each of which are sponsoring units for the concentration. Faculty from the departments of English, Anthropology, and History were also involved in developing the project proposal.

The new Concentration is offered to graduate level students in the College of Nursing and the School of Public Health. The Concentration is a 4 course, 12 credit hour Concentration, in which at least 6 credit hours are required to be outside of the student’s home college, school or department. Additional academic units will be added as sponsors in the near future, enabling graduate students from additional disciplines to participate in the Concentration.

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