WISE Mentors

Science Mentor Scientists are the experts in their fields. They are curious about nature and perform many experiments in order to better understand the world around us. They apply scientific knowledge to benefit people, nations and the world.

Science Mentors Technology Mentor Technology refers to tools and machines that people use to solve problems. It also includes skills, technical methods and processes we can apply to produce desired products. Today virtual technology, like computer software, is a rapidly growing field.

Technology Mentors
Engineer Mentor Engineering is building things. Engineers use their skills to create the world around us. They work in teams to design big objects like malls, amusement parks, sport cars and small gadgets like smartphones. They dream up things and then make them happened.

Engineering Mentors Math Mentor Mathematicians conduct research and come up with new methods of solving problems. They teach these methods to students and other people who need to solve complex mathematical problems. These solutions can be applied in different fields like physics, engineering or business.

Math Mentors